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Treats for Active Dogs

Treats for Active Dogs

With the days getting longer and the weather finally looking up, you’ll likely be excited to get outdoors with your dogs even more in the coming weeks. Longer walks, more excited puppies and an extra few throws in your games of fetch will mean that your dog might need an extra burst of energy on the go. And that’s when you should look at the treats you reward them with.

This month, we’re talking about finding the right ingredients in your dog treats to give your pets a little extra energy to play, walk, or train a little longer and feel like their best self. So, what should you be looking for on the label when you buy snacks for your pet?

Choose healthy ingredients in your dog treats

As much as every dog is different in nutritional and energy requirements, some things are just universal - healthy, natural ingredients are simply better for your pet. Whether you have a cosy, stay-in friend, or an active, excitable companion, you should still always choose ingredients that keep your dog in top shape.

Lean proteins, natural ingredients like chicken or beef, various vegetables, and a limited portion of grains all make up a balanced addition to your dog's diet and are ideal for any breed. Finding a good snack that your dog really likes without any of the nasty additives that some manufacturers use is a good first step.

But what should you look for when you have a particularly active dog?

Balancing nutrition and energy on the go

As dog lovers, we always keep a few treats in our pocket for long walks or extended training, and that’s a lot easier when you have a balanced snack that won’t upset your pet. An active dog can burn through calories incredibly fast, but even the most rigorous training won’t keep them in good health if you feed them with poorly balanced snacks, so here are a few tips to choose the right treat for your dog.

1. Choose a lean protein from a natural source like roo, beef or chicken. The inclusion of these quality proteins makes for a great source of energy, plus they also help with muscle repair and growth. Super Snack Sticks are a great go-to for runs around the park or intense activity, as they have a good source of lean protein balanced with a variety of nutrients.

2. Digestion really matters when you’re running around! The treats you feed your dog are much better on the go when they don’t cause any discomfort, which you can ensure by finding softer, more digestion-friendly foods. Bow Wow makes Protein Boost Bars with pumpkin and other dog-friendly vegetables for a burst of energy on the go, with great lean proteins included for better recovery.

3. Carbohydrates can be a good source of immediate energy that your dog will enjoy when they’re out playing fetch with you. Finding the right grains and balance of ingredients is important, as you’ll want to avoid fillers and preservatives, which are unfortunately common in some biscuit-style dog treats. Try Bow Wow Vita Shapes for a carefully balanced, natural biscuit for that source of carbohydrates.

4. Find the right amount of calories for your dog. Every breed, age, size or activity level of a dog can have an impact on the ideal amount of calories to provide when you’re out on the go. It’s best to read the labels and understand exactly what you’re giving them. Learn your pet’s individual needs, and try to moderate how many snacks you bring so that it’s easy to fulfil their requirements. If your pet is getting tired quickly, you might consider giving them a few more treats early in a long walk, but if they’re gaining too much weight over time, you should probably cut back a little.

Rest and recuperate with a healthy snack to settle down

After one of your long weekend walks, or intense training times, just as your dog is looking a little tired and ready to (finally) settle down for a while - that’s the perfect time to give them a nice long treat to languish with. Ideally, as you’d likely agree, you want to provide a snack that takes a significant amount of time to enjoy (although some dogs can chew through anything in a flash!), but the previous advice should still remain relevant. Healthy, natural ingredients are still the most important thing to provide, and a balance of nutrition, energy, and portion sizes are similarly crucial.  

A great option for post-run enjoyment is our Prosciutto Bones which will also look after your dog's teeth, or try a Bully Stick for a natural, healthy beef treat that won’t vanish before your eyes! As with all treats, portions matter, and every dog has different requirements, preferences and activity levels, so find what works for your dog best.

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