Natural Dog Treats

Our Naturals Dog Treats range is just that - natural, with real flavour, no preservatives, artificial colour or artificial flavours. Guaranteed for 100% satisfaction.

“Our Labradoodle loves your Super Snacks Kangaroo Sticks – they are a staple in my trolley each trip.”


Dogs have 18 muscles controlling their ears – all the better to hear you opening their treats with.

“My absolute go to supermarket treats for our four legged adventurers when we don’t bake our own.”


“Bow Wow has amazing products, Lucy absolutely loves your treats. She really enjoyed the Pigs Ear while I was on call this morning, It was long lasting which was a fantastic bonus.”


"My dog Archie, just loves Bow Wow treats. Especially your Pigs Ears. Always grab a bag when shopping.”


There's nothing sweeter than coming home to see your dog after a long day.

Dogs and their humans reduce each other's stress – the emotional bond formed and the physical activities engaged in can support healthier heart health and positive mental wellbeing.

Don't forget to hug your dog today

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