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Exploring Dog-Friendly Destinations: Adventures with Your Canine Companion

Exploring Dog-Friendly Destinations: Adventures with Your Canine Companion

With Christmas now behind us, you’ve likely made a great deal of new, wonderful memories with your faithful companions alongside your family and friends. We certainly have! Enjoying a familiar space for a celebration is always a great and (usually!) stress-free time. But with the new year here to offer new possibilities, many of you are likely looking forward to venturing out into the world and taking your dogs to brand-new places, near or far. 

Without the familiarity of your, or your relative's homes, you’re presented with both exciting new prospects along with a few added complications. We’re here to talk about both. So, let’s get into some exciting ideas for new adventures, and some helpful tips to make it as enjoyable as possible for you and your dogs.

Delightful destinations for the new year.

What makes a trip to a new place great for both you and your dog? Well, people can be challenging, but dogs are generally excited to see anything new, so long as there’s room to run and things to sniff!

In Australia, we’re lucky to have access to beautiful beaches within driving range of almost everywhere people live. Beaches are fantastic places for day trips, or even camping overnight if you can find a dog-friendly place that allows it. And the best part about beaches? They’re an absolute hot spot for exploration. New smells wash in with the tide every morning, there’s always somewhere to swim, and other dogs are frequently conducting adventures that your friend can log with their incredible nose.

Another really good option for a travel location is large (dog friendly!) parks and long hiking trails. You can return to an old haunt anytime you feel like getting outside, but taking a trip across the state or even across the country to see a new place can be far more exciting for your dog. New environments can have a truly exciting unfamiliarity for dogs because of the change in climate and culture. This might sound strange since, you’re still in Australia, right? But dogs are super sensitive to some of the things that we take for granted, so new flora and fauna can be a whole new world to their keen noses.

Finally, a road trip can be a great way to share a stretch of new experiences with your pet. The long stretches of travel will mean plenty of leisure and affection during the days, and the new, exciting locations can be amazing for their health - remember how important enrichment is? Though, for any good adventure, it’s important to make sure you have the right preparation.

Travel tips to ensure a stress-free adventure.

Since the extended family holidays are over, it’s the perfect time to get out into the world and find some entirely new spaces to create memories, but, as we mentioned, it helps to be prepared. For any long trip through unfamiliar spaces, travelling with pets isn’t always as simple as getting in the car and going.

Research your destinations ahead of time to find the right dog-friendly spaces to visit, like accommodation, parks, businesses (doggo cafes are great!), and tourist attractions. Whether or not the destination caters to your furry friend can make a huge impact on the stress levels of the trips, and a little forward planning can guarantee the leisurely drive you’re hoping for.

Your handy list of supplies for a successful trip.

Any long trip, be it by car, train, plane or boat needs at least some forward planning of supplies so you aren’t caught without the essentials. Here’s our short list of unforgettables when taking a dog-friendly holiday:

  • Collapsible water bowl and bottled water
  • First-aid kit to handle any minor scrapes for your intrepid adventurer
  • A back-up leash and harness
  • Travel bed or crate for quiet time
  • Identification tags or microchip to keep your pet safe in an unfamiliar space

And finally, and in our opinion, most importantly, the best travel-friendly snacks on offer. Just about any Bow Wow snack is suitable for a long-distance road trip, but our recommendations include our Roo Rolls or Bully Sticks for a long-lasting snack, and Vita Shapes or Super Snack Sticks for a great incentive for play when you stop to stretch your legs.

Most important of all, when you’re taking a well-deserved break with your furry friends, be sure to take plenty of amazing photos. We can’t wait to see them!

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