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Special Occasion Treats: Celebrating with Your Canine Companion

Special Occasion Treats: Celebrating with Your Canine Companion

You may think that dogs don’t really celebrate holidays or other special occasions, but you’d be surprised by just how much they catch on! On public holidays and Christmas break, you’ll often spend more time with your pets, feel more relaxed and happy, and likely be more inclined to give some tasty treats. It’s the same story if you take the time to celebrate your dog’s birthday. While they might not understand the exact reason for the merriment and attention, you can bet they appreciate it.

And this is why we’re always so excited to celebrate these special occasions in our own doggy way - with extra-tasty treats and a whole lot of pats. So read on and see our ideas for spending the coming holidays and any lucky dog birthdays the Bow Wow way.

Celebration Dog Treats for Lucky Pets

Christmas is so often a time for kitchen teamwork and great food, which our dogs always enjoy, but sometimes it’s nice to whip up a little treat for them, too. So when you’re between toiling away baking scones and hedgehog slice, here are some nifty dog treat ideas to prepare.

Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Trees

You can bake simple cookies similar to regular human food with a couple of small changes for an easy and satisfying dog treat. Try mixing flour, eggs, pumpkin, peanut butter and cinnamon in a bowl before using a cookie cutter to shape out some tasty Christmas trees. It’s a quick bake, and your dog will love them.

Vanilla & Beetroot Candy Canes

Another festive bake-up is a classic candy cane biscuit with dog-friendly ingredients. Like regular bickies, mix flour, milk powder, egg, vegetable oil, and water together before splitting into two halves. In one, add vanilla extract, and in the other, use beetroot juice or shredded beetroot to get a lovely red colour. Shape the two halves into a candy cane shape, and bake for a great-looking Christmas candy cane for your dog.

Christmas Pupcakes

What dog doesn’t enjoy pupcakes? This holiday season, you could try a classic pupcake with some nice Bow Wow additions. Prepare your regular cupcakes with banana, honey and peanut butter, and then chop up some Super Snack Sticks for the mix before you bake. Either put them on top like little candles or add them to the batter, and your dog can enjoy a favourite flavour in a special treat.

Foods to Avoid This Holiday Season

While it’s great fun for you (and even more for your dog) to play around with exciting flavours, some foods should still be avoided while experimenting in the kitchen. As always, chocolate is a big no-no, and sultanas and raisins - while classic Christmas additions - are terrible for your dog. Macadamia nuts are another festive food that dogs can’t have, and be careful with the salt and sugar.

When you have a table full of delicious human food and the whole extended family around to enjoy it, it’s not hard for some of those choice pieces to find their way below the tablecloth. It’s important that your guests know what is and isn’t OK for your pet to try, so be sure to set a few ground rules! Keep cooked, soft bones above the table, and be sure that absolutely no alcohol finds its way to the wrong bowl.

Enjoy Christmas with Bow Wow Treats

Christmas is a time for celebration, relaxation and affection, so why not try out our Bow Wow Christmas treats? This year, we’re getting jolly with two varieties of Santa Paws, our tasty bone-shaped biscuits for your pets. Let your dog try a yummy turkey & cranberry flavour or our chicken & sage option for a more savoury bite.

Our 2023 Advent Christmas Calendar

At Bow Wow, we’re gearing up for an even better season with an even better Advet calendar for 2023 that your dogs will absolutely adore. We’re almost ready to go live with this one, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram to catch the latest as it happens!

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