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How to Make Sure Your Best Bud Lives a Long and Healthy Life

How to Make Sure Your Best Bud  Lives a Long and Healthy Life As dog lovers, we know that there’s nothing you want more than to see your precious pup live a long, happy and healthy life as your family’s companion. And, like humans, our pets need a balanced lifestyle to be at their best - a good routine, a healthy diet, and a good dose of TLC will go a long way to finding that balance. You don’t need to be a trained vet to give your pet the best of the best; just a few simple boxes to tick regularly, and you can be confident that your dog will live a long, fulfilling life with you.

So, what can you do to provide the best life for your dog?

Healthy nutrition and natural snacks

It’s essential to remember that there isn’t a single best food for any and all dogs, and if you’re looking to perfect a balanced diet for your pet, you should absolutely talk to your vet. It’s always better to stick to natural ingredients - which means healthy treats too!

Just remember to check with your vet before you drastically change your dog's diet, and always be on the lookout for soft, small, or cooked bones - they’re potentially dangerous for your pet

A healthy diet is crucial for a dog’s physical and mental well-being, and the snacks and treats you provide are no exception. Stick to trusted treats that avoid sulphites and other preservatives, and opt for natural ingredients wherever possible. For rewards that will get your dog’s tail wagging, the new, tasty Pea-Mutt Butter Rolls really hit the spot, and some Super Snack Sticks are also great, healthy options.

Simple dental care habits

If you’ve been reading our recent article, you’ll know that dental health is a big deal for your dog, in fact, most dogs will inevitably experience a dental issue at some point. Fortunately, dental care habits are easy to establish, and most dogs, especially puppies, are usually happy to cooperate (especially when bones are involved).

A good set of habits is simple enough to establish; regularly inspecting their teeth and gums, occasional brushing, providing the right things to chew on, and some basic ability to identify any severe issues - you’ll cover most bases. But it’s a good idea to regularly consult your vet to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

When it comes to good snacks to help your dog clean their teeth, pork bones, bully sticks, and rawhide-wrapped rolls are all-natural, appealing, and safe for your dog's dental health. Just be sure to find the right snack for your pet.

Training and enrichment

Keeping your dog well-fed and physically healthy is vital for their long-term well-being, but they also need frequent mental enrichment to be at their best. As you likely know, dogs are clever animals that spend loads of energy thinking, puzzling, and investigating with their powerful noses. Without the stimulation to inspire their curiosity, they often begin to act out and find unhealthy avenues to entertain themselves. Not only will you be dealing with a misbehaving dog, but they won't be as happy as they could be.

Regular walks to new, old, and interesting places, social visits with their doggy friends, training and games at home, and plenty of affection are all important aspects of the enrichment they require, and it’s crucial that you dedicate a place in your weekly routine to providing those opportunities.

We have a whole lot of tips in a previous article on enrichment and training that you can use to provide a balanced routine for your pet. Still, one thing that can entice your dog into engaging with training is better snacks. We find that Vita Snacks, or even breaking up dried chicken fillets, make great rewards for training or treats.

Love and care

Dogs are exceptionally social animals, and just as they instinctively support you when you’re not feeling your best, you bring them the same feelings of comfort, joy, and contentedness. It’s not hard to spend time playing, patting, or cuddling with your dog - it’s a wonderful, joyful experience. But when you have longer-than-usual work hours or are particularly stressed, it’s essential to continue to maintain that same level of TLC.

Keep doting on your dog year-round, and you’ll be helping them stay healthy and happy - all while feeling better yourself too.

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