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How to Give Your Dog a Pawsome Christmas

How to Give Your Dog a Pawsome Christmas

We don’t know about you, but we’re very much excited about the holidays. Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s nearly time to enjoy delicious food, share gifts with loved ones and create some precious new memories. Which on our count, definitely includes our furry friends.

So, since we are in the lead-up to the holidays, it’s time to start planning ahead, and if you’re like us, you want to make this Christmas just as special for your dogs. We’re talking tasty treats, fun games, and a whole lot of affection. So, join us as we prepare to share the Christmas spirit with our furry family members with some classic ideas - and see what we have for the perfect gift for your dog.

Stocking stuffers for pooches

Whether or not you spoil your dog with new toys and tasty treats year round, there’s a certain level of excitement that’s shared in the holidays that makes a Christmas present especially fun. So, when you’re family is bouncing around opening gifts this year, why not include some great stocking stuffers for your pet to join in the fun?

To get your pet truly excited about their gifts, try including a treat with a recognisable shape and scent, like a Prosciutto Bone or Pigs Ear Single. Not only are they going to be over the moon, but the natural ingredients and carefully prepared bone are really great for your dog's dental health. Or for a smaller, bite-sized snack that will still keep them happy for a while, try a Chicken Fillet.

Besides loading up on a holiday's worth of treats, you can pack out their stocking with some great toys too. Since it’s Christmas, you should stick to what your dog loves best but also try to find toys that encourage fun games with the family. You can even craft your own homemade toys to play with, like making a tug-of-war rope using old clothes.

Creative gift unwrapping for extra excitement

People love opening gifts, and for some, the more elaborate and mysterious the wrapper, the more they love tearing through it! Like people, dogs love the process almost as much as they enjoy the present they get, so why not try some creative new ways of gift-giving this year?

One thing most dogs enjoy is a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. Start with hiding their presents all around the house - preferably something fragrant and yummy, and work with them as they hunt them all down. The combination of nose-based hunting and the shared enthusiasm might just be the most joy a dog can have in the holidays, so don’t waste the opportunity to get a little creative.

Another neat trick to make the present extra exciting is to use multiple layers or types of wrapping for your dog to tear (or think!) their way through. You can try cardboard boxes, classic wrapping paper or paper with a range of different textures like cellophane. You can even leave little incentivising treats between layers to keep them focused on the task and celebrate with them as they progress through the fun puzzle.

Just be careful that everything you use is pet-safe, and be there to supervise and later dispose of anything that isn’t edible.

Christmas Games and Holiday Activities

Besides the obvious highlight of receiving a Christmas gift, there are many other ways to make the season special for your dog. If you’re lucky enough to have enough time off over the holidays, then you have the perfect excuse to go the extra mile on playtime.

Why not take the time to set up a fun, Christmas-themed obstacle course in your backyard or lounge room? You can use anything from around the house and even include the whole family to make it a special day.

The holidays are the perfect time to head off to new locations for some quality “sniffari’s”. Take your pet somewhere unfamiliar with brand-new smells for them to linger and enjoy. A good spot is usually somewhere other dogs frequent but aren’t so busy that they get distracted or over-excited.

And, finally, you might find that all of the extra excitement of the holidays also leads to some much-needed downtime. Keep an eye on your pet, and if they start getting overwhelmed or exhausted from the festivities, it might be a good idea to plan some quiet time in there too.

Enjoy the build-up of festive spirit with the Bow Wow Advent Calendar.

Now is the perfect time to get your dog their own way to enjoy the countdown to Christmas alongside the rest of the family. Our Bow Wow Advent Calendar is filled with a new treat for every day of the month up to Christmas day and is packed with delicious chicken, turkey and duck. It’s a great early Christmas gift and is sure to make the holidays even more special for your best friend.


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