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Celebrating Our Best Friends

Celebrating Our Best Friends

It’s no secret that dogs and humans are a match made in heaven; we love our furry friends just as they love us. Our pets enrich our lives in many ways, from inspiring us to get active and stay fit to providing comfort and emotional support every day; we’re much better off with them around. A special bond with a dog is so beneficial that many struggling people are paired with a puppy for assistance and connection to better survive and thrive through a tough time. Yes, we love our pets, so let’s take a moment to celebrate them for the joy, happy memories, tail wags, and comforting cuddles on the couch. We know, from experience, just what we love about dogs. But what about the special dog-human bond do they enjoy most? What can we do to improve their well-being, health, and emotional longevity? What makes dogs happy?

What do dogs love most?

Every dog is different with their unique personality, loves, hates, and perfect lazy day. But there are a few universal traits that all well-adjusted dogs share.

A new place to walk

Walking, is a joyous experience for your pet; they love getting out in the wider world to explore, play, meet friends, and find new smells. As much as they need exercise to stay fit and healthy, a fresh, unexplored park, trail, or street is a rich bouquet for their impressive nose. Treat your dog to a brand-new spot and let them sniff around until they’re ready to move on.

A tasty treat to enjoy

Eating is high on the priority list for any dog, but there’s more to a rewarding treat than just flavour and nutrients. The right treat can be satisfying physically, intellectually, and just fun too. A Roo Roll is super chewy and filled with tasty beef and chicken, delicious flavours for your dog to enjoy, and stimulating for a long time. Chewing something stiff feels amazing for a dog’s teeth, and their focus on getting to the tasty centre will keep them enthralled. On another occasion, pig ears are great for your dog’s teeth, but they also appeal to their instincts, reducing their stress and anxiety.

A little privacy

Many dogs will prefer to eat and sleep alone, not always and not every pup, but security and comfort are really important to your dog’s well-being. Let your dog take his bone to a different room, hide his toys, or eat somewhere private. It’s natural for them to behave in ways that may seem rude or jealous to humans; to them, it’s just instinct.

As much as they love cuddling on the couch or finding a perfect gap on the bed, many dogs also need a little private space to relax and wind down. Buying them a neat, suitably sized bed, corner of a room, or comfortable place outdoors can go a long way to keeping your pet happy.

An activity-filled training session

Dog training, for people, is often about establishing behaviours and affirming a role. These things are equally important for your pet, but it’s also a whole lot of fun and attention.

Short training sessions, including treats (obviously!), affirming body language, and vocal cues, enrich your pet’s mind and emotional longevity. They love consistency – it prevents them from feeling confused and anxious. So, get out your clicker, grab some Super Snacks, and give your games some rules.

Something, anything to do!

Dogs very quickly get bored - wouldn’t you if you were stuck inside all day while your friends were too busy to see you? When you’re at work, out with friends, or too busy to cuddle and play, your dog is looking for something to keep them busy. They’re genuinely quite happy tearing your pillowcase to shreds or scratching up the couch, but they won’t love your body language when you get home.

Many dogs enjoy the visual and aural stimulation from the TV running during the day or some interesting toys that mentally stimulate them. Whatever your dog enjoys most, providing them with some form of mental engagement throughout the times you aren’t available will keep your pillows safe and your dog happy.

Attention, affection – oh, and pats!

There is very little in the world that your dog loves more than spending time with you, and it can’t be all training, walking, and playing. We know how much our dogs love scratches, pets, pats, sometimes kisses, and cuddles.

Some dogs get a little anxious when they’re wrapped up in a big hug, and some don’t like pats on their stomachs, but all dogs are unique. Celebrate your best friend with some extra pats in whichever way they enjoy the most.

Celebrate with your dog a little extra today

All good dog owners celebrate their pups in little ways every day; we just can’t help it. But why not make a note to give them a little extra treat, pet, cuddle, or attention – just to show how much you appreciate them? Treat your dog with a tasty Pork Bone or Bully Stick for them to enjoy, and give them an extra pat from us!

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