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7 Simple Tips to Keep Your Dog Active on Rainy Days

7 Simple Tips to Keep Your Dog Active on Rainy Days

Rainy days can be a drag for everyone, but they can be especially frustrating for your dog. It isn’t very pleasant when they’re excited to get outside to play, enjoy an exciting walk, or laze in the sun, but the weather doesn’t agree.

Keeping your dog active is a daily task, but what can you do to keep your beloved pet healthy when going outdoors isn’t on the cards?

Luckily, Bow Wow is on the case! Here are our seven favourite tips to keep your dog healthy, happy, and active on rainy days.

1. Organise a play date

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Get in touch with a relative or friend and organise a play date with their equally lonely dog. It will keep both pups happy and give them something to do on a long rainy day.

Socialising is important for dogs of any age, breed, or disposition. A day when you can’t walk or play outside is the perfect opportunity to help your dog get more comfortable around others.

If you don’t know anyone that would make an easy candidate for a puppy play date, you could try to meet other dog owners in puppy training or at the dog park. You could even try to find friendly dog owners on one of many Facebook groups in your region.

2. Try some enrichment activities

One of the biggest issues with being trapped inside is when your dog starts to act up from a lack of stimulation. Dogs have an essential requirement for mental exercise each day to be at their best, and it can be hard to find it when they can’t walk around and smell the roses.

Take advantage of their food time to deliver some much-needed enrichment into their day. A puzzle feeder can turn regular mealtime into an engaging task that makes the most of their favourite smells. You can also try spreading their food through a bundled-up blanket for the same effect.

You can do the same thing with dog treats too. Try hiding small bites of their favourite snack around the house and accompany them on their search. Our protein boost bars make for a great option to break up and spread around.

There are many ways to provide your precious pet with the enrichment they need; check out our tips on our previous blog.

3. Play tug-of-war and other fun games

Keeping active and burning off some of that excess energy can help your dog stay happy when they’re stuck indoors. Fun, active games like tug-of-war or fetch can keep your dog on the move without needing too much room. It’s also an excellent opportunity to make some use of the less-loved toys that often go ignored.

4. Provide them with a long-lasting treat to chew on

Since most people can’t spend all day keeping their bored dog busy, sometimes it helps to have a way they can keep themselves entertained. A long-lasting dog treat like a bully stick, or a pig ear can keep your pet busy for hours on end, giving you the space you need to work or do chores around the house.

5. Visit a dog-friendly café or brewery

Just because it’s too wet to walk doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Many places will love to see your dog’s happy face regardless of where you live. Taking a short trip to a café or a brewery can give your pet the stimulation and social activity they crave, all while enjoying a nice outing yourself.

If you don’t have a go-to place, or you’re feeling adventurous, try searching your location on Take Me Too, and see what your city has to offer.

6. Teach them a new trick

A day spent inside is the perfect opportunity to teach your dog a brand-new trick or engage in positive reinforcement training. Not only will you be encouraging good habits in your pet, but you’ll also be providing them with plenty of mental stimulation.

When rewarding your pup for a job well done, try using a clicker to encourage them, and some Super Snacks Sticks, will be appreciated too!

7. Take a while to pamper and pat your pet

After they’ve finished playing, learning, and meeting friends, there’s nothing your dog needs more than the love and attention of their favourite people. A cold, rainy day makes for the ideal conditions for a snuggle on the couch or a luxurious brushing.

With a little thought from you and enough affection and love on a dreary day, being stuck inside won’t feel quite as bad for your dog!

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